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‘Alarming’ plight of coral reefs

A third of the world’s reef-building coral species are facing extinction.

That is the stark conclusion from the first global study to assess the extinction risks of corals.

Writing in the journal Science, researchers say climate change, coastal development, overfishing, and pollution are the major threats.

The economic value of the world’s reefs has been estimated at over $30bn (£15bn) per year, through tourism, fisheries and coastal protection.

“The picture is frightening,” said Alex Rogers from the Zoological Society of London, one of 39 scientists involved in the assessment.

Could you imagine if a single event wiped out 16% of the Amazon forest, or 16% of ecosystems in the UK?
Alex Rogers, ZSL

“It’s not just the fact that something like a third of all reef-forming corals are threatened, but that we could be facing the loss of large areas of these ecosystems within 50 to 100 years.

“The implications of that are absolutely staggering – not only for biodiversity, but also for economics.”

The analysis shows that reef-building corals are more threatened than any group of land-dwelling animals except amphibians.


Weekend again

It’s the weekend again and I’ve been invited to a get together with some friends. There friend – an acquaintance of mine – just arrived from Indonesia and I don’t really know if I’m up to going out tonight. I feel like I need to sleep this one off ‘coz I still have an orientation seminar to attend tomorrow at school. It’s not really required but I might glean some useful information if I attend.

So the question is: Do I go tonight and just leave early, or do I just take a rain check, go home and get some rest because tomorrow’s gonna be starting early?


Tiu and rookies power Ateneo’s annihilation of the Falcons
Posted at Ubelt.

Tiu shines anew…but he’s not alone.

Stalwart Chris Tiu led the Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) Blue Eagles to a 72-45 destruction of the Adamson University (ADU) Falcons as the 71st Season of the UAAP Men’s Basketball Tourney continues to unfold at the PhilSports Arena (ULTRA) in Pasig City on July 10.

Shining with 12 points, Tiu gave eight of which in a crucial 8-0 run that catapulted Ateneo on top toward the middle of the third frame, 40-29 and on to sharing the early top spot with the University of the East Red Warriors with a 2-0 card.

Towards the beginning of the last quarter, Tiu delivered back-to-back shots to sustain the Eagle’s advantage at 50 – 41.

Tiu did not have to bear it all alone as the neophytes also fueled Ateneo’s onslaught of Adamson with former NCAA juniors MVP, Ryan Buenafe, who scored a total of eight marks, nailing both his charities and a trey by Nico Salva to push the margin to 13, 55-43.

The opening half was the closest the Falcons could get with the Eagles only leading by two and three respectively in the first and second quarters; 14-12 and 30-27.

Ateneo head coach Norman Black cites the improving defense of his squad as the differential factor in the game expressing, “This is my fourth year coaching Ateneo and we’ve never won [by] this big a margin against Adamson,” said Black. “Our defense is starting to kick in now. That’s exactly what we wanted to do, to become a better defensive team as the league goes on. Even our rookies are starting to adjust to our defensive system.”

Paul Gonzalgo led the Falcons’ campaign with 11 points followed by Allan Santos with 7.


Next game: Ateneo Blue Eagles vs. UE Red Warriors

Location: Ultra

Date & Time: July 13, 2006 4:00 P.M.


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