A Maltese in the Cab

Last Saturday (actually very early Sunday Morning), I got a surprise when I opened the passenger-side door of the cab I hailed in the Fort – there was a cute puppy sleeping on the seat! He was so cute! Here’s a pic.

Maltese puppy

Maltese puppy

What a really, really cute puppy!

I asked the driver if I could pet it on the way home and he was kind enough to let me take care of the animal. He said Maltese don’t grow to be large dogs, instead, the one on my lap (shown left) would just grow a few more inches, gain a few more pounds and have its hair grow to such an extent that you can’t tell front from back. LOL! Truly a “toy dog” as what they’re calling diminutive and decorative dogs nowadays. Hehe…

The puppy was surprisingly docile, only moving to find a comfortable place on my lap and went ahead to doze up. Lazy mutt! But it was really cute. Not camera trained yet. If I had a dog or cat, I’d make sure it’s camera and video trained so that when someone shouts, “Picture!” to indicate photo ops, he/she would come running and block everyone from view. Hahaha!!

I have another pic from my phone but it’s really blurry and the puppy just looked like some furball (which he is, by the way).

Oh, one more thing, the cost of each puppy is roughly around Php 15,000. Helpful driver. =)

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