Update – June

It’s been a long while since I truly blogged. I haven’t really been writing bout my life in general. I’ve just been distracted by all sorts of things lately – work, extra-work, and now that I’ve started taking MA classes, that too, – so I’ve only be able to post songs and movies here. Plus a few movie reviews here and there.

In any case, to begin with; like I’ve posted sometime ago, I’m taking MA classes now. Just six units to get the feel and also not to overburden myself. That’s just 3 hours a day, twice a week. LOL!

Next, it’s that time of year again – FunDay! We’re currently looking into places where we could have out team outing c/o company expenses, of course. Wouldn’t have it any other way really. Teeheehee…

Third, I still haven’t bought my laptop yet! But I’m getting excited because I’ve finally been able to compare prices here and in Singapore. What do you guys think should I buy? HP or Toshiba? If the former, what model? If the latter, should I go for Satellite or Portege Models? If it’s Satellite for you, what’s your preferred model? For Portege which should I choose? M800-E360 or the M600-E333? Or the M600-E345?


Decisions, decision… So much to think, so little time… Hehe…

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