Last Weekend

Party-whore again!


3:30 PM – It’s Toff’s last day at work, so, of course, we had to had a despedida party for him. And since it also happened to be his batch’s first anniversary with the team, the others chipped in as well. Food, courtesy of Ambers, so it was okay. I’ve always loved their barbecue so I have no complaints.

4:30 PM – On my way to SM Megamall to check out laptops so I can finally get to buy one. I did see some good models there at reasonable prices. Still, I’m gonna exhaust all my options.

7:00 PM – It’s time to party! Met up with Nicole and Armand and decided that since we weren’t really that hungry, we’d just head straight to Sidebar! Inom! Toma! Hahaha…

Okay, I thought I was gonna be able to go home by midnight but nooo… I left the place at around two in the morning and got home at three! Party animal… Actually… not much that day.


12:30 PM – I was already rushing to get my things in my knapsack because Lemon said that JM is going to get angry because I was already running! Bitch! When I got there, JM wasn’t even there yet. Haha! But damn! It was so hot last Saturday.

We were late for the wedding, of course, but none of us were in the entourage or were needed for anything. =) It ended @ 5:00 and it was time to eat! Yeehaa! Reception was @ Vivere. That place is really nice. I always wanna go there (no wonder that every chance I get, given the opportunity, I always go there).

11:00 PM – Time to party! Embassy Super Club. ‘Nuff said. Went home as the sun was rising. Got to bed past six in the morning.



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