One more and you’re out!

That’s strike two for you. Are you gonna keep on doing what it is you’re doing and strike out? Or are you actually gonna do something worthwile in the near and far future?

You know, I’m sure you don’t treat your girlfriend this way. I know that your closest friends don’t mind because they understand – it’s just friendly banter and shouldn’t be taken seriously. But you know, to some people it’s already bullying.

Poke the meekest dog too often and it just might you bite back. Careful now!

You could tone it down a bit. Listen to others, too, and be sensitive about their feelings. Not all are like your girlfriend or your closest friends. Someday, you’re gonna be on the receiving end and you’ll see how frustrating it is sometimes, how futile to rile back, when the other party is clearly getting the upper hand. Think of that day and be humbled by it.


Quote for the Day: “Someone told me most relationships are a struggle between the need for independence and the need for connectedness.”


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