Modern-Day Drinking

This has been long overdue… Or maybe not. This just happened last Wednesday, so it’s only been a week…

My friends and I went out the night before Holy Thursday and ended up in a place somewhere along Julia Vargas in Ortigas called Barcino. It’s a wine and Spanish tapas place. Good place to have a date, too. I highly recommend it. But be prepared to injure your wallet and savings. =)

Spanish wine barrel

That’s not the highlight of story.

It’s this: I overheard the others in our group telling a story of how one time three of them were in the mood to drink, so they did! You know the catch? These three people were all talking over Yahoo Messenger! LOLz! What a really funny story. They had to wait for one of their friends to go down his condo, buy beer and then come back to continue their internet drinking! Hahaha! No webcams!

Now that’s what you call modern-day drinking!

For a review of Barcino click here. Thanks, Ms. Salcedo for the excellent review.


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