Rakestra (UP Fair 2008)

Had so much fun at the UP Fair 2008 last night.  

February 12RAKESTRA by UP Beta Epsilon Fraternity in cooperation with UP PRIME, Mellow Touch 94.7, Soupstar Entertainment and EMI Records with the highlight performance of Urbandub with Manila Philharmonic Orchestra, and 45-minute exclusive performance of Sandwich on their 10th Anniversary and [S] Marks the Spot album launch. Performances by Parokya ni Edgar, Kamikazee, 6cyclemind, Sugarfree, Itchyworms, Moonstar88, Chicosci, Silent Sanctuary, Callalily, Hale, Imago, Mojofly, Rocksteddy, Mayonnaise, The Dawn, Slapshock, Radioactive Sago Project, Kiko Machine, Pedicab, Hilera, Pinup Girls, Ciudad, Chilitees, Taken by Cars, Cambio, Manibela, Zelle, Boy Elroy, Oi Wag Dito, Bembol Rockers, The Dorques, Angulo, Too Late The Hero, Duster, Aizo, Bagetsafonik, The Ronnies, Concrete Sam, El Mercurio, Peryodiko.  (http://superpatrick.wordpress.com/2008/02/08/up-fair-2008-schedule/ – THANKS!)

The theme was Rakestra and one would actually wonder why they name it so. Actually, if you’d looked at the ticket you’d actually get a clue because though people primarily went there to see the exclusive 45-minute performance of Sandwich, other bands that were almost on par with said musicians played. Of course, the icing was the performance by Urbandub with the Philharminc Orchestra. Yeah, that’s right, a rock band and an orchestra playing together to produce a symphony that was, well, forgive the cliche, music to everyone’s ears last night. I am so glad that at the last minute I decided to go because all day long yesterday I was feeling particularly lazy.

Too bad none of us had a camera. My only regret! Damn!


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