Reinforcing my new year resolutions

The Chinese New Year of the Rat is just a few days old. It has been my tradition to reinforce my regular new year resolutions during this time of the year. Just to reiterate (my comments are indented):

My 2008 resolutions

1. Maintain and take care of my savings account. Minimize unnecessary expenses.

Damn! I can’t seem to do this one. 

2. Quit smoking.

Oh, and this one, too! Grrr!!! Discipline, discipline, discipline!

3. Continue playing badminton and exercise!

Bah! I’d call myself humbug just for even thinking I’d get to exercise.  Still, one can’t fault me for including it in my new year’s resolution. Anyways, I’m still playing badminton with my officemates once a week. And right now, me and some of my friends are talking about taking up bowling, too. Whee! More things to occupy me!

4. Enroll for Master’s Degree in Economics. Finish it with flying colors (hey, libre ang mangarap)!

I already have.  

5. Do something entirely new! 

These are the five high priority resolutions for this year. As for the low priority ones:

6. Visit new places.

We’re going to Sagada at the end of the month. I’m really, really excited. 

7. Maintain this blog.

Doing this right now. =P

8. Watch all the good, and blockbuster, movies for 200 (Iron Man, Narnia: Prince Caspian, National Treasure 2, etc)

I’ve watched National Treasure 2 already. Waiting for the other movies this year. I’m inviting my friends to watch Jumper when it opens in theaters this week. Hehehe.

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