Kung Hei Fat Choy

Happy New Year of the Brown Rat!

Last year it was the Year of the Red Pig, this year? It’s the mouse’s time! Hehe.

Now on to my horoscope for this year:

“The dog continues to find good fortune as the rat opens a new cycle. Family and friends are more important than ever this year, but avoid pressure from this source on business and financial decisions. Relationships that began in this pig year may be a source of good fortune in this new 12 year cycle. Don’t be afraid to let superiors and coworkers see your skills. Accept both the praise and advice that comes to you from this source. Keep your focus as you may find yourself drawn to chasing the rat, but don’t be timid when the time comes to make decisions that will bring change and good fortune.” (http://www.chiff.com/a/chinese-horoscopes.htm)

Well, this looks good. However, though technically, when I was born it was still the year of the dog, many alredy associate it with the year of the pig. So… What does the horoscope say for the pig, huh?

“The pig still enjoys the benefits of good fortune as the new cycle begins. The fire pig, those born in 1947 and 2007, will be especially fortunate in the year of the earth rat, but anyone born in a pig year will find the rat year bringing good fortune. This year promises success in romance and there may be marriage in the year ahead. Finances are no problem for you this year, but be careful of those who would take advantage asking for loans or applying pressure for you to make a major purchase or investment. Steady work will move your career into places you had not expected. Be open to the energy and excitement that this new cycle brings, but conserve your physical strength. There is a pig tendency to push too hard. There is no need to exhaust yourself in seeking prosperity — especially in the second half of the year.” (http://www.chiff.com/a/chinese-horoscopes.htm)

Not bad… not bad at all. Hahaha!

Want to know your own horoscope for this year? Just click on the links above.



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