Why is it that emotions come in pairs? Yes, I declare that they always come in pairs. When you’re too happy, you’re bound to use up all that energy and then become down or even depressed for a short while. When you’re sad, you find something that’s really just amusing and the next thing you know, you laughing your ass of just for the heck of it or because you just find yourself funny. When you’re angry, you don’t what’s gonna happen that will make you all of a sudden just come down.


I guess what I’m trying to say is that last night I had so much fun with new friends as well as old friends but it wasn’t without it’s price. The price was really disappointing. All I can do is just… *sigh* Just that. I feel so helpless. Where’s justice? Where’s the sense of honor? Come one! It was booked three weeks in advance with all the niceties that went with it. Shouldn’t there be a level of priority? I didn’t complain when it was your turn last year right? Even though it was as long as two or three weeks.


There you go again. Anyways, enough ranting… There’s nothing to be done right now but move on. What I’m actually doing. Just what the doctor prescribe. A healthy dose of fresh new faces to acquait as well as another place explored in the Metro.

Happy, sad, anger, forgiveness, full of hope, disappointment… Damn those hormones for being so fickle-minded! Hahaha… See… just what I’ve talking about just now. I said something that tickled my humor and I’m on my way up on the emotional status again (aside from the fact that I’m feeling much better – goodbye flu! I’ll see you next year).

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