Sustainability is gaining ground even in the ‘rural’ provinces

Before I write a lengthy blog about my latest experience in Boracay, I’d like to highlight something with this short thread.

According to a saleslady/cashier at an Andok’s Lechon Manok branch in the island, stores/places sort their garbage properly. I know this because I saw her partner going through the garbage of the day and separating paper and plastic trash into different bags. As a research analyst for a “sustainability practices” project, I was very much interested on what the man was doing with the garbage. So, I asked her as I was buying bottles of water.

I now wish I’d brought my camera along so I’d have a shot of an actual and down-to-earth sustainable practice in one of the most famous beaches in the world. I can only blame myself from not being ready with my camera when my rule of thumb when going to places is to always bring my camera along no matter how silly others might think of it.

In her words, the lady said, “Hindi uuwi yan hangga’t naso-sort yung basura.” Translated as, “He’s not going home until he’s sorted out the trash.” Talk about dedication. =)


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