2008 means Infinity: Infinite birthdays, Infinite variations, Infinite outcomes

My birthday was two weeks ago. Initially, I intended to celebrate it with all my friends in just one big birthday bash. However, I wasn’t able to decide where to hold this supposed birthday party and so what happened was that my birthday celebration became separate shards (complete with multi-facets, hehe. You’ll see why below…),  not that I am complaining.

And so, the night before my birthday, I planned to hold a “vigil” with my friends. It was supposed to be my friends from my first job, which later on, after some discussions, deliberations and decisions, included some of my blockmates. We were supposed to go to MOA or Macapagal Ave to eat at any of those “dampa”-style restaurants for fresh seafood and some grilled meat, then on to a KTV for some singing! Hey, it’s my birthday, I wanted to hear them sing “Happy Birthday.”

Here’s what happened. Several of my former officemates couldn’t make it because they had the night shift on the date itself so I had to postpone my night out with them. Then since I still wanted to hold my “birthday vigil,” I pushed through with my blockmates. Of course, the venue also changed. We held it at Ortigas, instead.

Well, that was the first variation.

Next came the day of my birthday itself. Having gone out the night before and coming home late, of course, one would expect me to sleep through the first half of my birthday. Haha. But I didn’t complain. My plan was simple – having dinner with my sister and watch National Treasure. Whew! At least this plan didn’t go awry.

Now that looks yummy and it is, too. Cheese and Onion soup from Heaven N’ Eggs!

The day after my birthday, I sorta treated my team and the others who are with us in our newly-acquired-but-temporary office space (the Canada Research team) to two dozen donuts. I had cause to celebrate because I made a decision for a weekend out of town at the end of the month (see below for more details).

On to the next birthday, with my current officemates this time. Okay so I wanted it to be special. Something original, something fun with lots of food and booze, or something memorable. Maybe all of it. I had three to four different ideas. Should I treat my team here? Or there? Should I just order pizza and drinks? Which restaurants have we not yet tried in the vicinity of our office building? So many questions, so little time to answer them all…

Well, as with the first idea. All of those questions were answered with a simple solution: the three of us who celebrated our birthdays last week (starting with my then skipping every other day) decided to hold the Big 3 Birthday Fiesta! Hahaha…


Yum yum. Just look at all those juicy grilled pork and barbecued chicken! Damage taken? Damn, almost 9K for the three of us. Still, I will not complain. I got what I wanted – something of everything. =)

We now move on to the next birthday (still mine, you dummy!)

The long-awaited celebration with my former officemates from Sykes!

And you know what? I didn’t even pay for the food and drinks! My officemate’s friends paid the bill. Hahaha! So I treated the other to Starbucks for coffee and oatmeal cookies. I even pretend that it wasn’t my fault that I wasn’t the one who footed the bill. Hehe. I relented, of course. These are some of my closest friends, I was just pulling their collective legs and see if I could get away, not exactly a little bit richer, but not poorer, too.

Went home at four in the morning and slept through till noon! Hehe…


My birthday still isn’t over. This weekend, I’m going out of town and though the purpose of this is really to be with my Aunt and cousin who are coming home. It’s still going to turn out to be a birthday celebration of some sort because my brother has promised to treat me for the half-way trip. Wohoo! No pictures yet. I will post them somewhere though, I promise.

And after this week? It’s time to fulfill my promise to my High School classmates. Hmm… Decisions, decisions again. Hehehe.

I think I’m officially broke! Waah!

Oh, the number of celebrations didn’t reach eight! =( Hmm… That’s only six. If I counted the donuts, will that make it seven? Hehehe… Oh well, it is said that it’s still considered lucky in Chinese culture. But where there’s a will, there’s a way… There has got to be a way to make it eight! Hahaha…

Ciao, friends!


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