First full week in 2008

It’s been a meaningful week for me. Lots of developments in my life – I mean, LOTS!! And I’m happy.

First, except Monday and today, I’ve been coming reporting for work as early as 8:3o AM and I’ve finished quite a number of company profiling. I’ve just gotten back that peaceful feeling one gets because of coming to the office and finding only two or three people there (maybe no one). There’s just something relaxing with it. I plan to carry this out for as long as I can – maybe forever. I will not give excuses for today and Monday. Making excuses is a defeatist attitude and not a positive habit. So… no excuses. I will just look forward to coming in early again next week and in the weeks/months to come.

Second, my birthday is coming. Just a few more days! Wahoo! I can’t help but be happy.

Third, I’ve just gotten over a really huge crush-and-already-falling-in-love situation after how many months of torture. Yeah, I still have feelings for the person but the things is, the biggest obstacle I’ve had for the past few weeks is letting go. I know that we will never be lovers. It’s a very complicated issue for us. So, last Wednesday, I stayed at our Food Court’s open veranda for a couple of smokes and really thought about it hard. I had to internalize letting go in order to realize it. And I succeeded! I’ve been giddy with happiness since Wednesday afternoon/night. I’m still happy. I’m able to let go now with no negative feelings. My emotional roller coaster has ended. Yipee!

Lastly, the immediate weeks will be full of activities for me. One of them is going to the beach! And the other is to finally complete my MA application requirements and submitting it to my old Alma Mater. Hehe.

That’s all for now. Ciao!


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