Turning over a new leaf

The early bird has gotten the worm! 

Today marks the beginning of going back to my roots in this company – coming in early (maybe before 8:30 or 9:00 AM). I was really surprised to find myself rising early, having cereals for breakfast and taking a short shower. Wow! When I got to the FX waiting terminal, I was so surprised that the line was not long anymore, however, I still couldn’t believe when I got to the office just a couple of minutes before 8:30 AM. Feels so good to get back into the old habit. I should continue this.

Will this be a new resolution? To get in the office early everyday? We’ll see. I’m certainly motivated to come in early now. It’s just refreshing and peaceful to start working when nobody or only a few people are around the office yet… so quiet.

By iamjoe Posted in A v A

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