2008 is Infinity Year

It’s the start of the year and it’s time to make my New Year’s resolution. Before I proceed, it is always good to be reminded of the past year’s resolution.

2007 has be an interesting year for me with lots of twist and turns, u-turns and others. But this is another story for another day. Going back to the topic on hand, let’s start with what I’ve made as my New Year’s Resolution last year, where I am now vis-a-vis those items, and where I am headed (for your reference, here is the link to that post – Gearing Up, Setting Goals) .


Item # 1 & 2: Get a regular Job – I feel that I have to combine these first two items since they are very related.

Where I was then: I still considered myself back then fresh from my “bum around” months and so I wasn’t so confident in getting a regular post. We were hired as temps – that’s lower than a probie position – and none of us really knew how many could stay.

Where I am now: Well, I’m a regular now. I get all the benefits and compensation the company has to offer. Plus, I’m enjoying my work thoroughly.

Where I’m headed: Looks like I won’t be going anywhere. I’m planning to continue my studies and take up a Master’s degree on Economics at my old Alma Mater. So, given that the company can sponsor me on this (as long as I have good grades), then looks like I’m not leaving anytime soon. Not that I’m complaining. The people at the office are nice and laid back, but hardworking and fun-loving.

These resolutions are closed.

Item # 3 & 4: Minimize expenses and save – again, I feel that I have to combine this two together for the same reasons as stated above.

Where I was then: I had no independent savings account (the ones that I’ve always had I can’t access anymore because 1) I lost my ATM card while for the other, I’m not really the one maintaining it – it’s my mom who has my passbook – LOL). Also, I’m always out of the house, spending on this and spending on that. Sheesh.

Where I am now: There are a few thousand bucks on my account right now. I haven’t had the time to deposit more extra cash since October and I had been planning (typical me) to bring my savings up to date. Still, I do have my own savings now which I, alone, maintain. But still, I still go out on gimiks frequently and I haven’t really controlled my impulsive buying habits especially at the malls. Hahaha.

Where I’m headed: I will definitely be taking more good care of my account. I have plans to go to places this year and I need to maintain a certain amount of savings for my trips and for emergencies. So any other extra cash left in my payroll account will have to go straight to my personal savings account. Also, I’ll try (yes, that’s the operative word – TRY) to cut down on expenses.

These resolutions have not really been accomplished and will be continued further.

Item # 5: Watch all the good movies for 2007

Here’s a list of the movies that I though I was going to watch for 2007.

Eragon – Wasn’t able or didn’t watch it on theaters due to negative feedback. I did watch it on DVD, though, but that doesn’t count.
Ghost Rider – Watch this with Eunz. Enjoyed it a bit but, truthfully, it was a shallow movie compared to Spiderman and X-men.
Night at the Museum – Nope. Haven’t watched this yet.
Pathfinder – Nada, too. Tsk tsk.
Iron Man – This one’s not yet showing. Not sure if it’s gonna come out this year or next year.
Spiderman 3 – Yep, watch this. Enjoyed it a lot.
Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End – Oh yes, I woudn’t miss this at all.
Shrek the Third – Also watched this. Good sequel but for me, not up to par as the first one, but still a good movie to enjoy a few laughs.
Ocean’s Thirteen – Uh huh. But I was kinda disappointed. I thoroughly enjoyed the first movie.
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer – Yet again, yes. Also enjoyed it. As good as the first one. I only got disappointed that Galactus himself didn’t make a personal appearance. Hehe.
Transformers the Movie – I RATED THIS FIVE (5) STARS!!
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – Yep, also watched it.
10,000 B.C. – Not yet showing.
National Treasure 2 – Not yet showing.

As for the other movies I’ve seen, well: 300, Blades of Glory, and Stardust. Good movies all of them. Hehe.

This one’s not really a serious resolution. But still, having watch 90% (excluding those that weren’t showing yet) of the good movies for 2007, I’d say I was pretty successful in this endeavor. So…

This resolution is closed. But will be continued for the good movies of 2008! Hah! But this will be low priority.

Item # 6, 7 & 8: Quit Smoking and Go to the Gym

Where I was then: Smoked a lot, led a sedentary lifestyle (being a bum for four months before getting my job) and not going to the gym as I’ve promised my self. Ayayayayay! Tsk, tsk…

Where I am now: Nope, nope and nope! I may not have been 100% successful with maintaining a savings account and lessening my expenses but at least I started on it. But these resolutions? I’m ashamed. Yep, I’m not afraid to say it. I still smoke, still enjoy it. And I haven’t gone to the gym even once! Lazy me!

One consolation that I did get during the latter part of the year was that I starting playing badminton agai, with my officemates.

Where I’m headed: I hope to continue this activity this year. I’m also planning to take up jogging and some other light exercises that don’t require me to go to the gym.

These resolutions have not been achieved. Resolution to quit smoking will continue for this year and for the succeeding years that I fail to achieve this. Resolution to go to the gym and workout will be slightly modified with “Play badminton, go jogging and exercise (outside the gym).”

Item # 9: Maintain this blog

Where I was then: This blog was about three months old when I made this resolution.
Where I am now: The fact that it’s now survived a year and getting regular patrons is good. Still I yet have to achieve high traffic for this site, but I’m not complaining. At least people take the time to read my insane, eccentric and sometimes senseless ramblings.

Where I’m headed: I’m definitely keeping this blog. It’s got its advantages. Haha.

This resolution is partially successful (partial because I can’t compete with the way my older brother has high traffic on his blog). I will maintain this resolution but it’s got low priority.

Item 10: Visit new places

Where I was then: I’ve only visited Puerto Galera every summer for the past three years then. I haven’t gone to other places. I’ve been to Baguio already but to other parts of the Philippines? Nope.

Where I am now: Well, for our barkada outing, we decided to look for other places to go to aside from Puerto Galera. The result? Beautiful and pristine Potipot Island off the coast of Zambales. After driving for about five hours from Manila to place, we finally realized our plans. And some plan it was. We survived our overnight trip there without much incident – that is, I’ve excluded the incident called FUN. Hahaha.

I’ve also been to Boracay again with my German neighbor. And for our office Fun Day activity, we went to Camarines Sur, to their CamSur Watersports Complex for some wakeboarding. Though, we never got to wakeboard – just kneeboard – it was fun ‘coz everyone in our team was present. I’ve got some great shots at my Multiply site. It was really fun.

Where I’m headed: I’m going to visit my friends in Singapore next year, maybe cross over to Malaysia and Thailand. Whatever. My main destination is Singapore. =)
This resolution was totally successful. However, I plan to keep it indefinitely.


My 2008 resolutions

1. Maintain and take care of my savings account. Minimize unnecessary expenses.

2. Quit smoking.

3. Continue playing badminton and exercise!

4. Enroll for Master’s Degree in Economics. Finish it with flying colors (hey, libre ang mangarap)!

5. Do something entirely new! 

These are the five high priority resolutions for this year. As for the low priority ones:

6. Visit new places.

7. Maintain this blog.

8. Watch all the good, and blockbuster, movies for 200 (Iron Man, Narnia: Prince Caspian, National Treasure 2, etc).

Note, Items # 4 & 5 are a new resolutions. In particular, I’d like to point out Item # 5 because it is open to a lot of interpretations. For now I simply cannot just list all the things that I’ve done simply to winnow out the things that I have not done. But when the opportunity presents itself to do something entirely new for me (last year, it was knee boarding), then I will definitely grab it.

All the rest are old ones that either have not been achieved or only partially achieved.


Well, that was a very long post. But it’s not easy to evaluate previous plans, find out what went wrong and look for something to improve them. Still, I’m happy. 2007 wasn’t such a bad year as resolutions go. I managed to achieve or partially achieve half of them. The only failure would be quitting smoking and exercising. Hahaha…

Do you know why my title is “2008 is Infinity Year”? Because one New Year’s message I got from a friend was about how the number eight symbolizes infinity, which is true. The number eight also happens to be the perfect number for the Chinese because the Octagon closely resembles the circle, which they consider to be perfect. So, being an Infinity Year (from my point of view, mind), I only deem it appropriate that this year, there are no limits to what I can achieve. That’s why the number of resolutions I have for this year is attuned to the number eight!

That’s all for now. Ciao!


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