2007 Holidays

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas… Oh, wait! That ain’t snow, it’s just rain!

Yeah, corny I know but I couldn’t think a better way to start this post. Ever since I got here, it’s been raining non-stop. Okay maybe that was an exaggeration but it’s been a wet Christmas so far. Though, in God’s good grace and all-knowing presence, it didn’t rain on Christmas Eve. However, on most of the evenings, it rained lightly or heavily, your choice. Still I’m not complaining. I don’t go out in the evenings. I’m just here enjoying the comforts of home, good food and good entertainment. I just hope that it won’t rain on New Year’s Eve as well. And even though it rains at night the days are warm and sometimes humid. But at other times, the wind would be blowing a cool breeze and I’d get out to enjoy a beautiful sunny day or maybe play with our half Shih Tzu-half Terrier six-month old puppy.

Could you call a dog that’s already six months old still a puppy? How do you compute a dog’s age again? Was it that the first year in human terms translates to seven years for a dog? And then the succeeding human years would be some calculation less than seven? I forgot. Anways, our mixed-breed dog – Sassy – is doing just fine. She’s very playful, very cuddly and likes to bug our old dog – Kobe (yep, after Kobe Bryan) – who happens to be ten human years old. That’s old for a dog.

I’d love to post some pictures of Sassy and Kobe here but I don’t have a card reader and I forgot to bring my data cable for my camera dock. Damn! All of the forgetful things to do. I guess I’ll have to wait till I get back in order to upload these pictures. I’ve got some great shots of my older Brother playing with Sassy and she has some great angles. She’s just picture-perfect!

Anyways, it’s just a few days before New Year’s Day and soon my long vacation will end and I’d have to go back to reality. Oh well, at least I got to relax for a very long time. I hate to say goodbye to the folks again for another year spend mostly in the bustling (not to mention overcrowded, stinking and polluted) Metro Manila. LOL! C’est la vie! For now, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my vacation. Besides, my cousins are coming from the US next year. I get to have a vacation at the start of the New Year! Yipee!




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