Green Energy

Have you noticed that for a long time now I’ve added an RSS Feed from BBC News’ Science and Nature site? I always go to that site to keep updated on the latest developments in Science and Nature, particularly on Climate Change and the environment.

In an effort to promote green energy, I’ve added Blackle to my list of Great Sites. Black is a version of google that uses black as its background color. It saves lots of energy by not using energy to power white backgrounds. Save energy, use Blackle! Another blog that’s also been sitting in my links for a year now is this: Environmental Journalist. He’s got great information on environmental issues plaguing the world today. Sadly, I haven’t been to his site in quite a while. But I will be remedying that soon. =)

I was thinking of dedicating an entire page to Sustainability issues, the same like my Holiday Specials feature. Hmmm… Why not right? Yeah, I’ll do that. So this post now serves as an introduction to that upcoming feature.


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