A Distant Wish

This was originally posted on my Multiply site on October 24, 2007. I wanted to have a copy of this poem here. Enjoy!

A Distant Wish 

I’m sorry that you’re becoming distant,
As distant as the Sun
With your warmth to make me happy
And your light to guide me through the day.

But your slowly moving away,
Now your touch burns
And I can only stay as near as I dare
Just to be in your wonderful presence.

I wish it were back to the old days with us.
Enjoying the little things of life:
Coffee, laughter and a good measure of fun;
But I know it’s not going to happen.

So what am I supposed to do?
Hang on for dear life? Or let go and be happy for you?
Soon I have to choose, A choice I’d rather not take
For choose I must soon.

How did it get this way?
Will the good times ever return?
I’m hoping that you’d just come back and hold my hand.
Then that would be enough.

I’m praying that you’d smile at me again
And show the laughter in your eyes.
I’m sorry that you’re slowly becoming distant,
And I wish it were back to the old days with us.

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