More wishes for Christmas 2007

I’m adding more items to my Christmas Wishlist for this year. Not that they’re second priority but I feel like the first one isn’t achievable this year. Oh, well. Libre naman mangarap, ‘di ba? Hehe.

4. Fossil Watch – I’ll post a picture here.

5. Of course, if someone buys me a watch from the Fossil store, would be good if he/she will include a Fossil Wallet – saw a good design at G4. Wish someone would buy me that wallet. I need a new one. Hahaha. I’ll try to find a photo of it so the generous one will be able to get the one I really want. =)

6. Addidas/Nike Rubber shoes – maybe I’ll buy this at the sale at Rufino Tower. *sigh w/ dreamy look* LOL!

7. Getting longer by the minute. Hehehe. I also want a… Cologne/Perfume – I still want the one from La Coste. Let me see, what’s its name? Hmm… But I also want something new… What’s a good scent these days?

I’ll stop at number seven. It’s a long list.

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