Starbucks 2008 Planner

Starbucks has just started it’s promo period to collect stickers for the limited edition 2008 planner! It’s a tradition of Starbucks Philippines, I’m not sure of those abroad. And for some time now, I’ve been diligently collecting these planners (since 2005, in fact) and as I am a loyal Starbucks customer, it would make no sense to me not to collect next year’s planner as well.

So, having made that decision, I have already collected two stickers. And I still have 22 more to get before I get my prize. I need 11 more stickers from regular drinks, and also the same amount for the Christmas special drinks, namely: Praline Mocha (the barrista said it was hazelnut syrup and some other ingredients – what makes it so different from hazelnut, then?), Peppermint Mocha and, my favorite, Toffee Nut – wohoo!

2008’s planner looks like a journal at first glance with it’s thin feature, brown leather cover and multi-colored rubber to keep it sealed. But inside, it looks like it’s been made by school children with simple shadings of crayolo, grade school-style writing paper. Still, as long as it’s useful, who cares how it originally looks like, right? I can always decorate it with my artistic skills. Yes, I believe that I am artistic enough. Hehe.

Can’t wait to get my planner.


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