Loooong Weekend

It’s back to reality for me – back to work, back to earning my keep. Hehehe. But I really had a relaxing vacation during the 4-day long off last week even though I didn’t manage to go out of town. Who cares? At least I didn’t waste more money.

Wednesday night
I prepared to go to my friends’ apartment near Vito Cruz (now Pablo Ocampo) – got my laundry (30 Kg of it!) and my sister’s too; had dinner, watched TV while I was supposed to wait for our landlord to drop by so I could pay the rent (he didn’t show up) – generally just doing my usual routine at home after work.

When I got to Manila, I immediately settled for a nice, long and lazy weekend. Some of my friends were already asleep but Nelly just arrived and was watching “The Contract” starring Morgan Freeman and John Cusack. It wasn’t that great a movie but it beats the hell out of a stupid, cheesy teenage movie (read: Epic Movie). I’ll give it three (3) stars. After watching that, I retired for the night knowing more DVDs awaited for me to watch on the morrow.


It was time for a DVD marathon. Let me see… I watched Ratatouille (did I spell that right?) and Evan Almighty. Two movies that I haven’t watched at all. Both good and now I’m regretting that I never watched them in the cinemas. Might have been a better experience. Remy is cute. I don’t have qualms about rats/mice appearing in animations or cartoons but I do have reservations if those critters appear in live-action movies or *gasps!* in real life. I hate them buggers, especially those that grow to almost a foot long. Eww! Yuck and just gross!!

On the other hand, Steve Carell looked good with long white hair and beard wearing ancient-style robes and carrying a staff. Hahaha… Bruce Almighty was good enough movie and so was this film. I recommend you to watch it but not to get your hopes too high. It’s not going to make you say, “Wow” at the end but it’s guaranteed to give you some laughs while watching it. I’m just giving it two (2) stars though compared to Ratatouille which I’ll give three point five (3.5) stars. I also watched that damned Epic Movie which wasn’t worth watching at all. I bet the first Scary Movie was better. Hmpf! I give it double negative!! Hmm… Maybe a triple negative. Grrrr….

Spent parts of the day reading some new books I bought from Powerbooks. It’s about a vampire hunter and so far, I’ve got thirteen books from this series. Books 2 through 14, I think. I slept at about five in the morning (Saturday) after reading books 10 & 11, consecutively. Hehehe. I’m a book worm, so sue me. Anyways, I think I need a new hobby something that’ll let me explore the world physically more than just intellectually. I was thinking of going hiking regularly, thing is, who do I bring along with me? And where do I hike?

I also watched several episodes of the latest season of Smallville. They said the Justice League makes an appearance occasionally but so far, I’ve only seen Green Lantern make cameos now and then. Anyways, I don’t plan on watching more episodes, I’m not really a big fan of Smallville. Hehehe. It was just something to pass the time.

The highlight of this day was actually me getting together with friends from college and playing Rainbow Six Vegas (the latest in the Rainbow Six franchise) until about seven in the morning (Sunday). Since college, it’s the first time that the sun actually caught up to me playing computer games. Hahaha…

Compared to Rainbow Six Raven Shield, I actually enjoyed Vegas. Maybe it was all those bright lights at the hotels and casino, as well as the idea of hiding behind slot machines and roulette tables. Hahaha. I also tried out HoMM V: Hammers of Fate as well as Transformers the Game. Both were enjoyable. You just need lotsa practice to beat the game, that’s all. Hehehe.

Well, I gotta wrap this up now. Still need to finish my job and I gotta visit my Dad at the Heart Center after work.


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