Celebrity Poker Showdown

I enjoy watching Poker tournaments on TV but my favorite poker shows are those of the celebrities. Showed on Solar Sports every now and then, I love it when actors, actresses, singers and other famous personalities trade banters accross the table. Last night was no exception. It featured two people whose TV series I’ve watched so it was funny watching them in real life playing a card game, losing and winning stakes, and generally having fun.

Sad thing about it is, I don’t know the schedule of when the channel decides to feature the Celebrity Poker Showdown. So, how to remedy this? Turn to the Internet for help, of course. Hehehe.

And I found this excellent website: Celebrity Poker Showdown. So, for me free time in the office, it’ll be Celebrity Poker for me. Yipee!

Players from last night’s show (in order of elimination):



The winner:  

 … Waiting for the episodes and the championship, of course!

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