Of life and death

Amidst the fear and apprehension that spread through Metro Manila over the weekend due to the blast that rocked Glorietta 2 last Friday, and the fire that broke out last Sunday at a restaurant in Glorietta 4 that spark another surge of panic for the mallers and shoppers, one would think that the government (all of it) would be focused on these incidents and trying to resolve security issues in this country once and for all. Instead, what are they doing? Why, what they do most, of course. Trying to seize on this newest tragedy in order to criticize their respective opponents and take advantage of the situation. And I am not just referring to one side, I’m referring to both. Squabbling over something they should be united about, pointing fingers, dragging out the investigation… (nope, this isn’t about the latest scandal that has gripped Malacañang).

Tsk tsk. Disgusting.

I just read in the news that the trading in the stock markets opened lower than it usually does this past few weeks, and it saddens me that the momentum that the Philippine economy has gained for the past several weeks would be lost, possibly derailed. How sad for all of us.

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‘Glorietta explosion may be accidental’
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On a more personal note, it deeply saddens me that one I’ve known for a long time was affected by the Makati blast last week. His sister was in the vicinity when it happened, and unfortunately became one of the victims of the explosion. We stayed up all night Friday, just to help our friend get through with the first few hours of his sister’s wake.

Life really is short and unfair. I feel sad for my friend. He’s has a lot that happened to him already. He didn’t need this latest tragedy.

Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis.
Requiescan in pace.


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