Week-long holiday

They’ve just released the declaration that October 29, Barangay SK elections, will be a non-working holiday so that people could vote. November 1 and 2 are also holidays. That just leaves October 30 and 31 as working days for next, next week. Damn! I’m so tempted to file leaves for those two days and get out of the metro – relax, enjoy and have a great time. Where to go? Go home to CDO and visit my dad who just had a minor surgery on his nose and a pretty big scare because of his high BP… Go to Baguio and visit the City in the Clouds? Go to Cebu/Bohol and visit my big bro as well as the diminutive tarsier? So many places to visit, so little time to make plans, so many people I’d like to invite.


I need to get out of the metro and re-energize so I’d be motivated when GSP update rears its not so pretty head. Hehehe. It keeps being postponed and right now I’m rather bored with finishing of the dregs of fact-checking.

On the other hand, it gives me a lot of time to watch TV series and play online games, surf the net, update my Multiply and Friendster accounts, etc. Hahaha. What a dilemma (nah, don’t think so).


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