Psyching up

For several months now I’ve been entertaining the idea of pursuing further studies in the field of Economics – my undergraduate course was Management Economics – and just recently that plan seemed more and more to my liking. Just a few hours ago I called up my old Alma Mater and ask around on how to apply for graduate studies. And right now, I’ve just finished filling out my application form. In the next few days, I’ll be checking if I have the required documents and then there’ll be no turning back from then. I only hope I’ll pass the entrance test. Hehe. All this being hyped up and I don’t even pass! Haha.

So from here, I’m going to be psyching myself up as if I’ve already passed the entrance exam and about to study again (after four years of working). Yeah, that’s right. Psyche myself properly – emotionally, financially, intellectually and spiritually. I won’t have to worry about who will be my classmates. I’ve got a couple of office-mates who are taking up Masters in Economics at the moment and I’ll be able to count on them for support.

The question now is… Thesis or Non-thesis program? What to choose? My friend said that a thesis is required if, someday, I’ll be pursuing a doctorate degree (will I?) and that it’d look good on my credentials. But would all that hard work be worth it?

Decisions, decisions…


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