Dance Auditon Philippines

Anybody heard of this already? It’s quite popular now. An online game unlike any other online games before; because games like Ragnarok, MU, etc. are RPG adventure games. But Dance Audition is all about dancing. Okay, so you might not be actually simulating dancing like Dance Mania or Dance Revo but the fact that you’re competing with other people online gives it a taste of uniqueness. Hehe. I know it’s also in other countries like Korea (read: online gaming capital of the world) so it’s really popular now.

AuditionPhilippines2.jpg picture by iamzevampyrelite

Haven’t actually tried it though since I fear getting addicted to it once I try it out. I just wanted to say that some of the songs there are good… Really, really good! This is my favorite so far:

Interested? Go play it. But don’t tell me to join the bandwagon. I’m afraid of getting addicted to it. Hahaha…

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