I’ve often wanted to learn how to juggle – you know like throwing balls in the air, making them rotate over your hands and head, making multiple loops, etc. Unfortunately, I never got the chance but I hope, someday, I will. For the meantime, I am juggling things, sort of… That is, I’m juggling different assignments at work right now. With so many companies assigned to a particular project, those assigned are often overwhelmed. And no offense to the people in our main office, but what the hell are they doing? Are they just sitting around looking pretty and smug all day?

I mean, we also get that here in the office but lately (like in the last 3 months), I’ve noticed that 80% of the accomplished work are coming from Manila. We’re turning out to be a production facility here. Maybe they think it’s all worth it because people here are so industrious like ants, and labor is cheap to boot. And mind you, the quality isn’t bad. In fact, sometimes, we’re even better than our counterparts… Tsk, tsk. I think that maybe it’s time for a vacation. Hehehe.

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Anyways, back to work! I’m clogging up the line… =(


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