Another Long & Wild Weekend: Saturday

A few of us, high school classmates, met up last Saturday to catch up on things. There were only six of us, but we were the ones who were longest here in Manila (average of 6 – 8 years). It was great to see them again because in two years’ time, it would be 10 years since we graduated from high school. And as tradition dictates it, we would be having our first grand reunion. Times change and boys change a lot in 10 years, so it’d be fun and interesting to see how and what my batchmates are doing, have been doing, and are going to do. =)

Anyways, back to Saturday. We had dinner at Gerry’s Grill in Glorietta. Then we went to Onad’s Place. She owned one of the penthouse units and the view of Makati and the rest of Manila was just awesome! She let us try Absinthe! And damn! That drink burned a whole through my gut. At least, after drinking that drink, I can confidentially say that my system’s been “cleaned.” Hahaha!! After trying out Absinthe, it was Jagermeister. We finished a whole bottle. I forgot whivh product it was but she said it was herbal or something… Hmmm… Was that correct? Can’t remember now.

We played two board games as well, the first called Dirty Minds, and the other one called Malarky. Dirty Minds is funny and will really make you think naughty things at first, however, as the game progresses, you are challenged to think outside the norm (the norm being that you’re thinking sexual/dirty thoughts) and come up with the right answer. For example: First clue – “I’m game.” Can you think of anything that answers that question? Next: Second clue – “I end in U-C-K.” Any ideas yet? Getting there? Coming up with hot visuals? Hehehe. The last clue is: “I’m horny.” Okay, if you’re smart and not prone to thinking dirty thoughts all the time, you’ll probably get the answer. Unfortunately, our mindsets, at least at the beginning, were really getting clouded with all the sexual connotations of the clues so we had a lot of laughs! The alcohol didn’t help either. Hehe.

Our next game, Malarky, could be the perfect game for those who are so fond of bluffing, lying and inventing up stories of anything. Each round has one question and only one correct answer. Each player must try, to the best of his/her abilities, to explain why something is or how something came to be. An example would be: “How is elbow macaroni made?” After all the players have given their side of the story, there will be a voting. The objective of the game is to make others believe your story even if it isn’t the real answer. Hahaha! So bluff as best you can. Of course, if you have the correct answer, you have no choice but tell the right answer, that is if no one’s guessed it yet. =p

You might think our night already over after playing those two games, but our host invited us to tag along with her to Malate or Makati for more fun since it was the last day of Pride week. When we got there, we spent a lot of time looking for the others (since we took different cabs) and so, wasted a lot of time walking under the drizzle and trying not to rudely bump into people, most were in white!! Well, we weren’t done with the night just yet. We had to go back to Makati. We were supposed to go to Government but opted to eat first at Binalot. The plan was simple, eat something to ease our hunger a bit then have a few bottles of beer, then afterwards, if we still felt like it, go inside the club. Phase 1, we were able to accomplish. Eating is simple. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to drink or go to Government anymore because we were all tired. So we just called up our classmate (the host, earlier) and said our goodnights.


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