Category: Movies
Genre: Action & Adventure

This would probably be the first time that I’m giving a movie the highest rating in my book.

Last Friday, Tin, one of our blockmates, told us that we just have to watch the movie ‘coz it was cool as hell! Last Saturday, I heard rumors of how good it was. Damn! My excitement to watch the movie was rising like a fever through my body! I couldn’t wait!

So yesterday (Sunday), I finally got to watch it. I’d reserved the tickets last Thursday. Armand, Gob and Roq came to tag along to watch it, too.

I can’t really say much here without spoiling the fun for those who haven’t watched it yet. So I’ll just dump a whole load of superlatives here like: way, way super cool movie! Sobrang astig! Optimus is funny! Bumblebee rocks! Scorponok is a freakin’ sneaky coward!! Megatron is evil! Hahaha.

You’ll have to watch it. Michael Bay’s signature 360-degrees shot is ever-present. Non-stop action from beginning to end – especially the end, of course! Funny lines, comic scenes, momentous parts… Hell, I was at the edge of my seat all the time!

Oh, and the OST is great, lalu na yung last song. Hmm… forgot the title again. Also, don’t leave immediately. There are some short end-credit cut scenes which you don’t wanna miss.


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