A little different this time

It’s time to bring back that long standing feud between the early bird and the worm.

Today, I woke up early and started early (though not that early compared to the first few months at work) and consequently got to the office a little bit before nine. Not bad compared to my experience yesterday. The only reason that kept me from actually starting early every day is the long line for the Ayala ride. Sometimes, it’s just ridiculously long and I just can’t stand waiting there for long moments and getting sweaty and all that (and I’m not even near the office yet!). Okay, so maybe I’m just lazy, really, and don’t want to get up early (not to mention that I’m up till around eleven at night watching TV). Hehe.


Anyways, despite having to get up early today and yesterday, I’m still happy. So…


Didn’t find a good video in YouTube so I’ll just have to stick with this one. And with that, time to get back to work. Hehe, I’m actually done with my workload for the day. Pays to get in early. You also finish work early (and it’s not even noon yet!).


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