Monday Blues

Is it too much too ask to be in time in the office regularly? The answer: of course, not. So today, I sought to get in early. Unfortunately, I didn’t wake up to the sound of my cellphone’s alarm clock – because the battery was drained – nor was I able to wake up to my sister’s calling – I’m sure she tried her best to wake me up. Consequently, I was only able to leave the office a good 10 or 15 minutes before nine. Not bad, I thought, if traffic conditions were good, I’d still get there before 9:30 AM. Unfortunately, traffic past Buendia was uncooperative – really, really uncooperative. 5 minutes from Kalayaan to EDSA-Buendia intersection and then about 30 minutes to get to Ayala-Paseo? Wow, just… That’s just ridiculous!! My good mood was evaporating fast under the glare of my irritation.


Okay, now that I’m in the office, it’s time to work. Still got a lot of files to process and I’d like to finish off a sizable batch today. Maybe things will work out better as the day progresses… Oops! I spoke to soon. The networks were painstakingly slow, the shared folders acting very stubborn and even opening an IE window took several seconds. What a day, what a day!


Fast forward…

There came a point when the files I was working on weren’t opening properly and so I had to close all MS Office applications again, open them and continue, close them again when the next file wouldn’t open, and so on and so forth. I was ready to explode! Gawd! What is it with today? If only I could get away with throwing my PC to get it to cooperate. *sigh* Of course, I couldn’t do that. Not only would it cost me to pay for damages, but I just might be tagged as acting unprofessionally. Hahaha! So, I had to stomp on my temper until it simmered down a bit.

Finally, this day is ending and I can’t wait to go home. My mood’s improved now ‘coz I’m done with my work. But hell, today’s just not my day!


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