1 Workweek = 5 Days

Unfortunately, even though, physically, it’s only been five days, for me, it felt like a whole month.

On Monday, we were finishing off the remaining reports to be sent to our head office in the U.S. and after that we expected that they’d send us another list. Wonder of wonders, come Tuesday morning, there was no e-mail from our contact there and so we were practically left with nothing to do. One day of relaxing at work is enough – you get to sort your documents, e-mails, files and catch up on some tasks and other stuff.

Wednesday came and there was still no work. So I went ahead and toyed around with my computer (particularly Word and Excel) trying to come up with a solution to a problem we were encoutering that prevented us from moving forward with one stage of report building. Eureka! After all this time! After countless hours spent surfing the internet, looking up at forums, consulting application specialists and the like, I found the solution myself. It was so simple yet uncommon. I found the tip here: http://www.breezetree.com/articles/flowcharting-copy-picture.htm and thank you very much to the author for posting this tip on the Internet! Excited, I went ahead and reported my findings to our head office. And since I had free time, I sorta made a short story out of it!

“You are a genius!”

That’s what I was called after reporting the good news.

Thursday, we were supposed to start working on the last leg of report building unfortunately, our contact hadn’t replied to the one and only concern that I had regarding the new process so I sent a follow-up e-mail. In the meantime, it would be our third day of “relaxing” at work. It was becoming ridiculous. I wish I could call up our head office and demand an answer, however, there is a 12-hour difference. Haha. Luckily, for us, I went ahead and experimented some more and asked two of my colleagues to do the same and we found out that the tip above actually doesn’t have to be applied we build our reports. We only have to set our default printers and then follow the old steps for putting in the scores and… Voila! Finished product! Hehe.

Now here I am working again. It’s Friday and contrary to my usual routine of having light work, I’ve actually already finished one task and half-way through my second task. My third task for the day isn’t exactly work-related vis-a-vis our actual job description but it still an office activity so that will be for later. After juicing out the left side of my brain then, it’ll be time to juice out my right-side of my brain for the third task. Hahaha. How do you call this activity? Balanced thinking? Wahahaha!

And so even if it felt like two weeks, it’s been a very fulfilling week. End of story.

P.S. Quite an abrupt ending, huh?

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