Rant, rant, rant and other stuff


You do not keep me waiting for a text message on something so basic yet important like lunch appointments. I don’t eat breakfast ‘coz I got no time for it. There are only three (Read: 3!!) things that gets in to my stomach first thing in the morning: coffee, milk or iced tea. I don’t eat solid food in the morning unless somebody offers me some.

Furthermore, I have work. I’m no longer bumming around, where I have all the time in the world to waste. I need to schedule my day so I would know how to properly manage my time. If you keep me waiting for that text regarding our supposed lunch appointment, I’m gonna go starving. And when I’m starved, my mood doesn’t improve. Text early, dammit, so I would know. Even if the activity is gonna be late, at least I’d know, and then, I would have something to look forward to. It’d be “Nevermind the hunger,” then. Especially, since you informed me not to have lunch until I get word about that lunch appointment!! I thought it really was the “Nevermind the hunger.”

 Also, it is never good to keep me waiting, starving on the process, and then change the plans on the last second. Especially since I’ve already informed you ahead of time (A WEEK AHEAD OF TIME!!) that I cannot go far from the office during lunch breaks. That I need to get back to finish my work! I don’t file for a half-day leave just because. And just because we’ve been friends for years now doesn’t make the cut. You should understand that I need to earn a living here. And the excuses. Our friends are no longer able to have lunch in the area because the other person is already hungry. Well, guess what? So was I!!!

Text me ahead of time so, at least, I’d know that I can go down and take my lunch already!! I haven’t eaten since last night! You might say it isn’t your fault since I could’ve eaten something. Well, listen and listen good, buddy. That isn’t really the point. The point is, your message came too late when I was already starvin’ for food and I’m not in the mood for a little chitchat anymore.

It’s just rude and inhumane to keep someone waiting for information especially since it could have adverse effects on the person.

So, telling me way past lunch time that plans for our lunch appointment have changed and that venue was moved back to that place so far from my office is a good way of incurring something negative from me!!


Anyways, enough ranting. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer is already showing and I can’t wait to watch it. I’m dreading to read the reviews later, but I guess that I’m gonna have to (sooner than I would have liked). I just hoped that I won’t get disappointed. My colleague said that someone told her FF4 2 isn’t good. Damn! I hope that person’s wrong. Hehehe.


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