New Year’s Resolution Realized

After  working hard for eight months, I’ve finally been granted permanent status. It’s really funny here in this company. People call those employees who are only in probationary status as regulars. Where as, in my previous company, you don’t get to be called a “regular” unless you become a permanent employee. Haha. Maybe it’s the fact that a lot of people here start out as contractual or temporary employees and and when they are shortlisted to be one of those who will continue on to be A Probie… then they’re as good as “regular.” Hehe.

If anyone remembers my first two New Year’s resolution for this year in Gearing Up, Setting Goals on January 5 this year, then I’ve already achieved the first. And since the first is already true, then the second one is automatically voided. As for the rest…. Hehe, I’m still working on them. As for Item # 9 and 10, well, I’m actually achieving them as I write. I’ve been to Potipot Island. I’ve gone back to Boracay. I’ve finally – finally, I say – visited Mall of Asia after it’s been open for a year. I’m maintaining this blog. Posting whatever sh*t I can think of. Hahaha!

On Movies, this are the ones I missed: Eragon – bad review by a lot of people, Night at the Musuem – didn’t have time or might have been no one wanted to watch the movie with me, Pathfinder, and TMNT. Those are the supposedly significant ones I missed watching from the big screen. As for the summer blockbuster? Haven’t missed anything at all. Would you count Fracture as one of the blockbusters? If yes, then I’ve missed it.


So, moving on. I just got copies of Supernatural Seasons 1 and 2. I’m already done with the first season, but I always like to keep copies of movies/television shows that I like. After viewing Season 2, mMy next set would Grey’s Anatomy and House. Then maybe Ghost Whisperer. If there’s a copy of Life as We Know It, then I’m definitely putting that on my list of TV shows collection, too. Hehehe.

Anyways, time to get back to work. Ciao!


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