Starcraft 2


Hell, I agree! 9 years after the release of the original one? I do believe Blizzard made a good move. And double kudos to Blizzard for featuring some of the new units of the Protoss first. Haha. I’ve always loved those mouthless, psionically-gifted bipeds. And now there are more units to play with. Wohoo! Kill, kill, kill… Okay, I’m beginning to sound like a homicidal maniac here. Better stop… wipe that drool off my chin… sit properly… try to tone down the glittering eyes full of visciousness and… ?!?!?! Oh, I thought I love playing the Protoss race. This sounds more like Terran or Zerg. Hahaha…

But let’s not get too excited. What’s in store for us, Blizzards foolish fans, at their new website for Starcraft 2?

For starters, you’re treated to an intro flash movie after the main screen loads. Then you got two trailers – the cinematic trailer and the artwork/gameply trailer. Both have their own treats to show. But I especially love the gameplay trailer. I get to see the first stages of development of the new Protoss units as well as them being in action. Hehe. You also have a variety of screenshots, artwork and wallpapers available.

The first race to be features is the Protoss and we’re treated to 5 units (one structure included) which includes the 3 new Protoss units – Immortals, Stalkers and Phase Prisms. You also have you’re regular diet of the Zealots and the first building to be featured – the Gateway, which now has an upgrade. The Immortals will be replacing the outdated Dragoons of the past, with upgraded shields and twin phase disruptors… Oh, yeah! You also have the Dark Templar version of these bad ass babies – Stalkers, which have the Blink ability, similar to Warcraft 3’s Warden of the Night Elves. Haha. Talk about recycling some ideas. Still, it might be all worth it. =)

We also have the Phase Prism which is a flying unit with the ability to temporarily act as Pylons to power up Protoss buildings. I was thinking that from Blizzard’s description of the Gateway being upgraded into a Warp Gate – with the ability to send units to a location where there’s a Protoss psionic matrix present – that it might be possible to build units in a queue and then just send them to an area where the Phase Prism has been deployed. Sort of like an Arbiter with the Recall ability turned automatically on. Geez… I’m thinking of strategies already, and the game’s not even in beta testing phase yet! Haha! Addict!

There are some good gameplay footage in this site. I’m not sure what’s that big Protoss spaceship is called that’s featured in the second video, but I’m betting it might be the Protoss Mothership. We also get to see a huge robotic, ground unit that reminds of the alien’s vehicle from War of the Worlds. Hahaha.

The Phase Prism transporting Zealots to the battlefield

Stalkers with their Blink ability in action


Immortals with their overpowered shields… Oops, sorry Blizz, I’m sure you’re gonna have the gameplay “perfectly” balanced

War of the worlds, anyone? Hahaha… =D 

Protoss Phoenix ships battling Terran Battlecruisers

Another of the new Protoss units – the Warp Ray, uhm… How come all them Protoss unit portraits look alike? Hmm… Maybe Blizz hasn’t fully developed the individual portraits yet??

More pictures from IGN here. And more description of some of the units at Blizzard’s website.

Well, enough chatter. I gotta get back to work.



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