Pain and pleasure

I enjoy pampering myself or maybe just relaxing at Starbucks or any other coffee shop in the metro (with or without company). One of those activities I used to do often (back when I was in the call center industry) was to go to Bench Fix and have my hair done (maybe get a hair spa or something). I usually did it after my shift so I could relax before going home to sleep.

The irony of it is, when the time comes to blow-dry my hair, I kinda want to go home already. That part, I could live without in the salon. I get sweaty and warm, and sometimes, my ears get slightly singed. Ouch! Makes me wonder I go back again and again. That’s why in the three years since I’ve been going to Bench Fix, half of the time, my hair was short. Haha! Must be addicted to it already!


Anyways, what’s a little pain if when you get to the office, there’s free pizza and sodas waiting for you? Worth all of it. Haha!

Hmm… I may have to work now that the office’s fed me. Hahaha. I really had no intention of rendering OT today. Just went to the office to check my mails and other stuff. Oh, well. Got nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon anyways. Might as well be productive.


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