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Story-wise – I didn’t like it that much. Just so-so. They tried to squeeze in too many strings into one thread that wasn’t exactly perfectly executed in the climax. I noticed some wild cards, too, that made me wonder why the hell did that scene just happen, or why did that character just say that out of nowhere? However, there were some good laugh scenes. Peter Parker at his usual, and Tobey Maguire fits his character quite well.

Relevance to the Comics – As far as I know, they only got one thing that goes near the original comics version. I won’t tell it here but avid Spiderman fans will know of it right away. As for the rest, I’m not that familiar with the story of the Sandman or even the entire story of Harry Osborn as the Green Goblin. Maybe others will notice other similar scenes.

Action – you get a lot of that, I promise. There are some slow scenes but you’d still enjoy Spiderman dishing it out with the Sandman. Hehe…

Overall?, not too good but not bad either. I still enjoyed the latest Spiderman movie. I think all the trailers and advertisements hyped up the movie too much to the extent that people expected or might have expected it to be mind-blowing or some such superlatives. They over-sensationalized it. That’s one danger of a third installment, or of movies that are adaptations from literary works.

One comment on “Spidey

  1. indeed! it was like a drama, comedy and action all-in-one! hahaha.. . crap! enjoyed it but not worth watching it in the movies. go wait for a DVD copy. i hope Transformers doesn’t disappoint me. 😀

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