Team Building

Date: March 3 – 4
Location: La Vista Resort @ Pansol, Laguna

The 40-50 seater bus was all ours for the taking! From Makati to the stopover at Petron South, there were just the four of us from ESG (READ: FOUR) – Mac was with his friends from US research in the other bus – and 6 ladies from other teams. So, bottomline? The bus was just occupied by 10 people, while Batch 1 and 2 and the other senior analysts had to make do with sharing their seats with another. Wahahaha! Pwedeng-pwede pang tumambling ka dun sa loob ng bus! Picture-taking to the max with the ladies of Bus # 2!!! Hahaha! There were three additional passengers after the stopover at  Petron South – Nah, Ms. Tina and her daughter. But that still didn’t do anything to make our bus crowded. Hihihi!



We got there at around 11:15 and had to wait for about two hours to get our rooms – there was another group at the place who hadn’t checked out yet. It would have been bad enough that we had to wait but good thing our lunch was ready to be served. Or should I say, it was ready to be eaten? And talk about a looong line! Just look at that picture!Anyways, so lunch occupied half of our waiting. The other half was spent amusing ourselves by playing card games.




 The activities for the team building didn’t start right away so a few of us figured out that we could take a deep and keep away from the hot, sweltering sunlight, as well as amuse ourselves! Plus, we also wanted to try out the slides. Wohoo! The slides were worth it despite the slight injuries to the elbows.



But our little getaway had to end ‘coz we had to join the activities. They encouraged all of us to join the games. Hehe. And I, for one, did not regret that I joined. Because our team happened to win, not just once or twice. We were the overall winners! After the games, we had the time to ourselves so… what else did we go there for aside from the activities? E di magswimming!

Team # 6
Do they look like happy feet to you?

Ang sabi e 10 mentos lang not the whole pack!!  


Anyways, enough talk! It’s time to show some more pictures! Besides, what went on when the sun went down, was for ours, and ours alone. Hehe. The pictures, I think, are enough to tell a thousand stories, each one better than the other.


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