Felling Mellow


Summer Rainbows
Saundra Diamante

It’s that beautiful summer sky..
Like blue raspberries
I dare to try…
Freshly squeezed home made orange tropicana…
To wash down my yellow banana…
Ruby red cherries
How sweet the summer berries..
Dark green rhines
Of sweet red watermelon..
The perfect scenario of heaven…
The perfect summer rainbow…
There are sweet little secrets
In our green crowded garden…
They do grow…
So the next time
You look into that beautiful summer sky
With your fruitful eyes…
Take a bite of that summer rainbow
In your garden
Just below..


Sweet Summer’s Dance
Hazelmarie Elliott

A dance upon the woodland green,
moon spinning with delight.
Wind aglow with moonbeam’s ray
spreads far into eboned night.

Twirling ~ is sweet summer’s dance
beneath the yearning moon.
Smiling down upon the face
of memory’s rendered tune.

Stepping quickly ~ two- step now,
a waltzing hillside breeze
across the greening meadow ~
dancing softly through the trees.

Smiling moon ~ now breathes its sigh
upon sweet summer’s dance.
Alive and luring ~ summer sweet ~
attracting moon’s long glance.

‘Round and ’round with rhythmic beat,
afire ~ with earthly charm,
summer blossoms with each step
beneath the moonbeams warm.


Alas ~
Dark sky,
On horizon it falls.
Moon cries, as night ends much too soon.
Summer’s dance now sends its sweet kiss.
~ Hypnotizing the man in the moon. ~

Source: www.poemhunter.com


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