Destination: Zambales – Help Needed

You might think that with the time I shoulda been home by now or else enjoying a dinner or a few drinks with my friends. Well, the truth is, I’m still here in the office. I just about finished work about thirty minutes ago and I’m just trying to relax – listening to some music, surfing the net for any bit of info – before I go home and rest. I also happen to be looking for information for our group’s summer outing which happens to be this weekend already. You see? This is exactly what happens when people don’t take care of business and just let things be. I thought last week that our little excursion wouldn’t be pushing through anymore since no one responded to my e-mail… BUUUT…. only yesterday I found that people still wanted to go out of town at least once this summer. Sheesh!

So here I am, still stuck in the office, trying to gather as much information on our destination: Potipot Island, Zambales. I’ve heard of it before. But I had no idead, it’d be so hard to find a place to stay there let alone contact information on places to stay there. I’m all for just going there and once there, that’s the time we find a resort or place to stay the night. Thing is, I don’t think my friends would be comfortable with that. Why should this time be any different? We’ve done it countless times before in Puerto Galera. For the past 3 years, for God’s sakes! Maybe we’re just not familiar with the area?

I’ve already signed up to Virtual Tourist already since it may come in handy in the long run. *sigh*

Anybody have helpful information about Potipot Island and the nearby town of Candelaria? What I need is a list of resorts/places to stay overnight, not too pricey, just right, and contact information of those places. Once there, it won’t be a problem at all to go to the island. I’m sure my friends will be able to get by just smoothly. Would appreciate any help. Thanks!


One comment on “Destination: Zambales – Help Needed

  1. hi there,

    now i know that you’re asking for a potipot/candelaria contact no. you sent an email to me in VT, asking for a contact number but you didn’t tell to what resort.

    anyway, the only number that i have is Manong Noel’s cp, he’s the caretaker (09104278467). but the resort is fully booked for the entire month of April. when we’re waiting for a bus on our way to Manila, we talked to some locals about how things are during the peak season and according to them, most resorts in Candelaria, especially those in Brgys. Uacon and Sinabacan, are full of tourists and it maybe a bit risky going there without a reservation, but, don’t lose hope, some of the locals are actually accepting transients or something similar to that but as to who are accepting i have no idea.

    if you and your friends want some adventure, camping in the island, by the way, is allowed. just bring your own camping gear (tents, cooking stuffs, food, etc) and be responsible with your own garbage/wastes. warning though, there’s no toilet in the island, some very irresponsible campers though left their own waste without bothering to cover “them” with sands, the island is beautiful to be treated as such.

    there’s no electricity in the island as there’s no one living there except for a cat, staying overnight in the island is an adventure in itself, why not try it para maiba naman? we’ll do that next time.

    keep safe.

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