Petiks, Petiks, Petiks…!!!

So, I’m right here in the office doing nothing right now. I’m not slacking, mind you. It’s just that with a team of young, eager and hardworking peepz, all the work just suddenly dried up! Just for today, of course. Tomorrow, I’d say it’s gonna be back-breaking, bone-crushing work, work, work once more. *sigh* Couldn’t our bosses over at the other side of the world just have given us the work today so that tomorrow, as a Friday, I’d be able to relax and prepare, I hope, for a fun night out! Hehe.

Oh, well…

Can’t really complain now, can I?

Done w/ work at two in the afternoon, been playing online games since then. Took a break and went to get some “oxygen” at our food court open area with my officemate, Mac. Talked about summer plans and all that shit, phones, gadgets, etc… Oh, yeah… The lazy life… right here at the office. Hehehe. I never expected I’d be on petiks mode today.

So, what do you do when you’re bored with all the online games you can find? Chat with friends, what else? Or else access Friendster and/or Multiply and find updates about your friends! Hahaha! Which, by the way, I’ll be doing next after this blog. Hehe.

And then maybe I’ll look up some videos and songs at YouTube or somewhere…

Petiks, Petiks, Petiks…!!!



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