Back to Work

I survived the long, boring weekend. Yes, how pathetic you might say. But hey! At least I didn’t spend on anything. =p  I just stayed at home and do what I sometimes do when I’m in a lazy mode – movie marathon! Hahaha! Anyways… Even though it’s still a holiday – part of the 5-day weekend – I’m back to reality and back to work. If I stayed at home today, I’d have gone out of my mind! So, it’s back to the office for me and be productive after being the lazy couch potato that I was for the past few days. =)

So, what’s in store for me today and for the rest of the week. Well, more fact-checking and more report building that’s what. So what else is new. But aside from that, there might be something new coming soon – not necessarily this week or next week, but soon. It’s getting pretty boring profiling and fact-checking companies w/ no proper sustainability reports or even EHS reports. Talk about no care for the environment! I want some action for once! Hehe.

This will be all for now. I’ll get back later when I’m feeling more creative. Then I’ll post something MORE than worthwhile for everyone.



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