Long Weekend

Well, it’s gonna be a long weekend. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I’ve got work to do tomorrow. That’s right – Maundy Thursday – and I’ve got work. I really don’t mind. Instead of getting bored to death, doing nothing at the apartment, I’d rather be productive. Besides, I could use the OT pay. Hehehe. It is summer afterall and I need some dough to finance my excursions this sunny season. =) The sad thing ’bout this week’s holiday is that it’s gonna be pretty boring on Friday and Saturday. How I’d love to go to the beach. Yeah, I wanna go to the beach on Easter Sunday! Hmm… Galera anyone?

On second thought… No! I’m not going back to Galera on Holy Week. That’s like suicide! Hehe.

It should be okay by Saturday. Malls should be open by then. And I can maybe watch a movie or just go window shopping. I’ll just have to survive Friday, that’s all. I won’t have any worries on Monday ‘coz I’ll be working again. Yes! I’m a workaholic. So, sue me. Hehe. Nah, seriously. I just hate staying at the apartment with nothing to do. I don’t have any new books. And there are no new VCDs/DVDs at home. So booooring!



Just thinking about doing nothing on the long weekend makes me sleepy and bored already! Gotta amuse myself! Maybe I’ll go play some online games. Not that I’m not already playing right now. Haha! Gawd! I’m so bored right now. I’m not worried bout report building. I build reports real fast! And no wonder! I’ve been doing this since day one! If I count the number to reports I’ve processed, I may have reached more than 200 already! Wow! That’s like more than a fifth of the entire report already published for our clients! Talk ’bout quantity, huh? But those are quality work. I pay attention to details, just so you know. So, no worry. I’ll just play along until I get tired of this new game and then I’ll be on a roll for report building. Haha!

At least, I’ve already started to download the files I need. Hmmm… I wonder how long it takes to download all 15 files today? Maybe, I’ll time myself so that I’d be able to better gauge it for tomorrow.

I better do get to work now… 


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