TMNT – Worth It or Not?

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Alright, here are the official reviews for the new installment of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT).

Boston Globe, Wesley Morris                                   — C
“…has style, lacks substance.” more…
Chicago Sun-Times, Misha Davenport                      — B
“…more in tune with the original source material than previous cinematic attempts.”

Chicago Tribune, Michael Phillips                            — D
“To be fair, blood isn’t the name of writer-director Kevin Munroe’s game. Neither is cleverness or invention.” more…

E! Online, Alex Markerson                                        — D+
“…too violent for younger children, too silly for older kids and too lame for words.”

More critics reviews here: – total of 8 other reviews.

As for viewers, here’s a few:

The Turtles Are Back To Raise More Shell  by erico_77375 (3/23/2007)                     C+
234 out of 266 people found this review helpful
I won’t lie to you, I’m an old-school Turtles fan when April O’Neil was a news…Full Review
To Go or not ?  by adears                                                                                         C+
114 out of 116 people found this review helpful
If you are a TMNT fan and you had been following the TV series and playing the…Full
The critics aren’t real fans of TMNT.  by nexxorcist (3/23/2007)                                 B+
67 out of 72 people found this review helpful
It’s 2007. No it’s not 80s cartoons, or the 90s movies with Jim Hensen suits…Full Review

More here: 

Not bad eh? The trend seems to be that the official critics are, as usual, really too hard on any comic book-based movie. On the other hand, the viewers seem to like it more, with over 700 user reviews online at the site right now. There was one review there that graded the movie as ‘F’. Can’t really blame the dude. The title of his review was “I was disappointed.” There was another who graded it D, and one more who gave it a C+.  All of them within the first 70 reviews. I find these kind of reviews more useful than those that actually grade movies A’s or B’s. You see, if I read all the postive criticisms about a movie, and the movie isn’t worth it afterall, I may end up disappointed myself. Where as if I read about why the user was disappointed, I’ll be able to gauge my own reaction better. Call it reverse excitement. I get more excited ‘coz I’ve read several positive and negative comments on the film with focus on the negative, so I’ll be able to see for myself if all those negative comments really deserve to be there at all. =)

Maybe I’ll watch it…



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