Had fun at the Glasswing Lounge last Saturday. I wasn’t really up to going there anymore – I got lazy at around seven in the evening. Fortunately, my German neighbor invited me to a couple of drinks and after my second bottle. I thought that I’m just going to enjoy myself if I just go to the Fort and have fun with the crowd. Hehe.

Well, it was a good thing then that I went. I got there a few minutes past eleven and after sitting down doin’ nothing (there were only four or five of us that had arrived so far), I found out that there was a fashion show currently going on at the ground floor – Mossimo Bikini Summit fashion show! Wohoo. Of course, I came prepared – I brought my camera. I always bring my camera when I go out on gimiks. You never know who or what you’re going to see and be able to get pictures of.

That’s the inside of Glasswing bar. Pretty cozy colors, right? Yep, not bad at all. I’m told that the place is still on dry run and that there’s going to be a grand or formal opening soon. Whenever it is, I’ll be there. The owner is a friend. Hehe.

How bout that? Pretty nice view, ain’t it?


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