Bistro 110 and the upcoming Season

*sigh* Another night of madness. Oh, yes. Last night I went out with my friends again to enjoy a few drinks after work. I though I’d be able to go home by 10 o’clock. Unfortunately, we kinda enjoyed ourselves and went home just before midnight! Hahaha.

At first, we stayed at Gweilos but Fel’s brother was playing at the bistro bar on the other side of the street so we headed over there to give our moral support. Actually, they don’t need that much support anymore ‘coz their good. They play alternative and if ever you’re available next Thursday, and happen to want to relax and chill out at a good place with good music, then head on over to Bistro 110 at Palanca St. in Makati. Wow! Shameless plugging! But what the heck. I’ve heard them perform thrice now so I do know that they’re worth the time (and buzz!).

So much for trying to save up for the summer. I gotta avoid these unplanned activities, not that I wasn’t aware that we were going to be hanging out (my friend alread texted me in the morning, hehe). Takes too much time and money from me. I need to save for the summer – especially for the Holy Week!

Oh, well. I can’t really complain about last night. I enjoyed myself. Too bad for one of my friends though. Define bad trip… Dude, I say you kick the sh*t out of those two jerks! Hahaha

Note to self: If you don’t want to get drunk, order Hypnotic Blue Breeze – great taste, not so sure if it’s a traitor or not. My head was buzzing after a few beers and that blue liquid. Or maybe it’s because I didn’t have dinner last night and just got by w/ sisig and chicharon bulaklak?

Okay, this isn’t really a picture of that drink but hey, it’s still blue and it has a cherry with it as well. Hahaha!


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