Core 2 + LCD Monitor = Astig!!

I love the new look of my station. Basically, everything stayed the same except for a couple of new faces – Core 2 CPU, 17″ LCD monitor, new keyboard and a new optical mouse! Hahaha! Asitg! Can’t wait to work tomorrow w/ my new buddies! I didn’t mind the work interruption at all. It was all worth it. Besides, it’s already 6:30 in the evening and I’m done w/ my work so there really was nothing to it. 

So here I am bragging about these new gadgets using company resources. Haha. Just kidding! I’m actually checking on our database to see which companies I’m going to be profiling tomorrow and for the rest of the week. I’d like to get the really good ones. Not the BIG ones – just those companies w/ enough sense not to try to blind investors with the thousands of paragraphs and millions of words on their Sustainability report. I want facts not a fairy tale!

I wonder where’d my old PC go?

One comment on “Core 2 + LCD Monitor = Astig!!

  1. welcome to the core 2 world.. . or as they would call it, core duo! you just upgraded to LCD? hehehe.. . all our monitors here are LCD. some even have 19″ wide-screen monitors. while in my group 3 of the guys have dual-monitor setups a 15″ and a 17″. i used to have the same, but with my laptop here, i didn’t need a second one. figured there are too many screens already. hahaha.. . but bigfoot beats em all. all of their stations are freaking Macs! and not the old G4 macs, but the Intel ones! awesome!

    how ya doing?

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