Kickoff Party then Pier One

Typing at the speed of light, all of us were under pressure to finish our work before five in the afternoon. The reason? The Pre-poxy kickoff party was already underway – starting at 3 PM – and we were already late. Besides, we didn’t want to miss any of the action – free bowling and billiards w/ food and booze! How ’bout that, huh?

Well, it’s a good thing that Team ESG is one helluva group of people composed of the best minds the colleges and universities in the country could produce. Not to mention that it’s all about team work! Yeah, go ESG! Hehe.

Anyways, arriving late at the party – fashionably late, that is – didn’t faze us one bit. In fact, it just made us all the more excited to partei! Cameras flashing left and right, bowling balls rolling and rattling off, pins being knocked, the place just exuded fun and enjoyment. After a short merienda, it was high time that we joined in on the games. We had to wait for a few minutes though for a lane to be given to us. But that just gave us time to prepare. Hehe. Or not…

Fast forward… after 10 rounds at the lane, here are the official results of our game: King – 80; Glenda – 70; Tracy – 78; Rainier – 108; Francis – 88; me – 83; Ryan – 63; and last but not least, Jeff – 78. Wow! Rainier all beat all of us – by twenty points basing on Francis’ score! That’s 20 POINTS!! Go, Rainier! Go, Tseoong!! Hehe.

But like all things, the party had to end. So what was next? Spending an hour or so at Glorietta while I waited for my friends to arrive at Pier One, The Fort. They were late. As usual, what can I expect. Although judging from the fact that Basman  was already there (w/ Armand) when I arrived, I bet he was the only one who arrived on time once again. Hahaha.

Fast forward… A couple of beers later, some of my officemates arrived after their little midnight shopping from Glorietta and the fun continued. Did I mention I managed to influenced them to try the Slammer?  Really, you should try it out when you go to Pier One. Every bar/bistro/restaurant has a specialty cuisine or drink and I highly recommend that you try it out at least once. Then you can decide whether it’s worth a thumb or two.

Oh, and my head was starting to buzz by the time I got home at past three in the morning. The morning? Slight hangover cured easily with a couple of Advil and hot noodles. Hehe.

One comment on “Kickoff Party then Pier One

  1. kewl icons bro! hehehe… ey you wanna put an XML feed of my blog somewhere on your sidebar widgets? 😀

    this is the feed:

    just go to dashboard->presentation->sidebar widgets and then drag-drop a XML feed widget. out the link above, place a title (optional) and select how many items will be shown. that’s it! hehehe.. .

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