Back to Reality

After a another weekend of fun, it’s back to reality. It’s only Monday and yet we already have a deadline for this week. Not to mention that us, Report Builders, have a deadline to meet tomorrow. Wow! It’s really been crunch time for the whole month. But I’m enjoying work. Don’t take this wrong. I falling helplessly in love with my work. And the people in the office are great to work with. Did I mention that they’re also great drinking buddies? Yep, they are. That’s a fact, not my opinion. Hahaha!

Anyways, right now I’m downloading some files from our US server. Takes some time to download it all so in between files, I’m right here, writing! I haven’t been paying too much attention to this blog lately, courtesy of the mounting work we get everyday. But as soon as work lightens up, I’ll make sure to post even more interesting things here. It’s gonna be back to daily blogging again! Wohoo! Hurray for me!

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