Prepare for Glory!!

Or is it, “Prepare for Gory!” Haha

Well, yes, the movie is explicit, gory, brutal and just plain visual! But I enjoyed it a lot. You get to see some insight into ancient Spartan culture. I’ve always been a fan of ancient Greek history and mythology, so this was really something. It’s rated R because of very graphic battle scenes, some nudity and sexuality.

Story-wise, a child could understand it. Hey, there was a narrator! I don’t mean to spoil the movie for anyone reading this, but it’s sort of self-explanatory – courage, duty, honor, politics, etc. These are all ideals that every last one of us understands. And almost all the movies about the ancient world have these topics for their themes. It’s all the same. But what makes this different from Troy or about Amazons or American Indians, is that it’s the first full-length feature film solely about Sparta. We all know about their history; that they were rivals with Athens and the other ancient Greek city-states. But a movie for and about Sparta? I haven’t heard of any save this one. That makes it unique.

The fight scenes were beautiful. Choreography-wise, they pulled it off nicely. People might say that it was exaggerated a bit but hey, history tells us that Spartans were the best soldiers in the ancient world. Who knows, maybe they really did fight like that. There’s one battle concept that I thought it didn’t occur till the time of Alexander the Great, though. And that is the phalanx battle formation. I’ll have to do a little research on that to update my memory banks. Hehe.

My sister and I had a funny moment in the theater – the first time that the main antagonist appeared on screen. You’ll have to see it though. I won’t spoil your fun anymore than I have already. Maybe you won’t find it funny, but the two of us sure did!

Oh, and for some, I bet they’d really dig the sound tracks! Hehe.


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